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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Jesuit Missions

I’m wandering on the ruins of the church, jumping from stone to stone, from beam to beam – as in the Prince of Persia computer game, but a little less…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Mennonites

They use to joke that they can buy something from a Jew, sell it to a Scot, and make a good profit. There must be a lot of truth in…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Himba and Herero

Kaokoveld Kaokoveld is a wild and wide spread part of Namibia known as a destination of 4×4 expeditions and as a place where Himba and Herero people live. The Himba…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - The Police in countries of southern Africa

Common opinions, Internet forums and press articles warn, that at any crossroads waits a corrupt policeman, who is going to rip you off on any excuse. There is something in and many…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Haunted Hotel

Xai-Xai area The main reason for our visiting Mozambique was diving. We really hoped for extraordinary underwater encounters. That is why we stayed for a moment in Vilanculos and then…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Africa travellers' playlist

Travelling with music Music plays for me every day. It often states a background for my memories. Hearing some tracks today I have my eyes half-shut and I am transferring…

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