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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Himba and Herero

Kaokoveld Kaokoveld is a wild and wide spread part of Namibia known as a destination of 4×4 expeditions and as a place where Himba and Herero people live. The Himba…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - The Police in countries of southern Africa

Common opinions, Internet forums and press articles warn, that at any crossroads waits a corrupt policeman, who is going to rip you off on any excuse. There is something in and many…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - African animals

Are wild african animals dangerous? Does overnight staying in unfenced campsites bring any risk? How close can we approach the elephant? Should we close car windows when hyenas or lions…

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BeCuriousAboutTheWorld - Veterinary fences

History Veterinary Cordon Fence (VCF)  was erected in Namibia in the 1960’s as a culmination of a series of artificial barriers between central and northern Namibia. They were put in…

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